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Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy's Healing Power Who knows what prompted the expedited tooth work, but I feel thankful for having seen you last week. 
she is top drawer in the massage field It is all A plus with Maryann. I go in crazy and come out in peace. I sleep better with her cranial work. I feel better with all the other things she does, so talented in so many areas of massage and bodywork. Don't miss this opportunity. She has sweet, peaceful energy and you can absorb it.
Linda M.
Cranio Helped Me Find Deep Tranquility
Highly recommend MaryAnn for any type of massage. She has worked with me since her early days at massage school. MaryAnn has always been great with a gentle, firm and flexible touch. She has steadily improved over time and added more healing modalities including a phenomenally effective CST treatment for TMJ, jaw tension, teeth grinding, etc.

I just received a wondrously soft and relaxing craniosacral session where her gentle touch led me into such a deep state of tranquility. The world would be so much more peaceful if everyone had a session like this every week ... or better yet every day. Call MaryAnn today ... NOW ! ~ Linda M.
Olivia H.
Caring, Intuitive Craniosacral Work Professional, caring, personalized service. Intuitive healer with large repertoire of techniques.

Structure + Energy

DM + ZB + CST I've been walking in Bliss since I left your table.
Jennifer A.
I Am So Balanced Jennifer A. – I am so grateful to have been the recipient of one of your new year gifts. I really experienced far more than I thought I would. I am so balanced right now. I really needed that so much more than I ever could have known – more than I could express.  I am ready to make another appointment, but wondered what you thought about combining Craniosacral with Zero Balancing. Or if you feel more Craniosacral is the right path (I really did love it). I would love your input! Thank you so much for helping me get back to me. This is going to be a new kind of year. [I recommended that she book a Craniosacral + Zero Balancing session because it could help her feel even more balanced. Then if she prefers, she can go back to just Craniosacral or alternate the two.]
I feel like a wave! I feel like a wave in the clearest blue part of the Bahamas waters, rolling onto the whitest part of the beach. That's the level of fluidity I'm feeling. – after a two-hour Deep Massage, Zero Balancing, and Craniosacral Therapy session

Unwound. Untethered. No stress, no guilt. I liked all of the techniques. Gentleness and caring flowing constantly. 

ZB + CST I've had several sessions of Zero Balancing & Craniosacral with MaryAnn, and have been pleasantly surprised at the strong effects from this subtle work! I'm usually mentally restless on the table during massage & Reiki treatments, but this work actually put me to sleep!  I felt very relaxed, grounded, and balanced during the session, and after. Highly recommended!!! – after a Craniosacral + Zero Balancing Session
ZB + CST MaryAnn's studio and presence are very healing and balancing.  She continues to study and offers the most up-to-date techniques.  She is very knowledgeable about the body and offers guidance and recommendations for other healing modalities as well. 
Olivia H.
New Modalities totally fantastic! Just finished an integrative massage incorporating some of the new modalities she is beginning to incorporate. Got really great results! I had to adjust my rear view mirror when I got into the car for the drive home because I was so much taller than when I arrived there. WOW!
Clarita R.
Zero Balancing one of the things i love about mary ann is that she is always expanding her repertoire of healing modalities.  i had a zero balance session last week and enjoyed it tremendously.  it was very calming, balancing and grounding.  i felt lengthened and spacious.  it was a lovely session.  thank you, mary ann! 
Zoe A
Zero Balancing Mary Ann has an impressive, intelligent and very 'kind' healing tool kit. My recent zero balance session with her had all those qualities--she is definitely able to help the aching body feel so much better. Thanks so much Mary Ann!

Integrative Massage

Pauline R.
Felt Safe and Cared For Great pressure and contact. Felt safe and cared for. MaryAnn knows her anatomy!
Integrative Massage + Cranio at the End Helped Insomnia I've received many massages from Mary Ann, and am very satisfied! After the last one, she gave me a craniosacral treatment which helped me sleep through the night for the first time in weeks. I've enjoyed her Ashiatsu and hot stone massages as well.
Felt Great Afterwards It is my real pleasure to share this resource on Yelp and Facebook.  

Many people can give a massage, but not like Mary Ann.  She is magical in her ability to discover the places in your body that are holding contracted energy and/or pain and then use the exact right healing touch methods for you to relax and let the energy flow powerfully again.  

I came away from my most recent appointment feeling better than I almost ever do, and after just a few sessions with her, my patterns of how I hold my muscles has changed so that I am remembering to take better care of myself along the way and not store so much tension in the old places. Wow!  What a change.  As you can tell, I am really impressed, and so is everybody I know who has ever seen her.    

She is great with both Swedish and advanced deep tissue massage.  She is also trained in NLP and uses Ashiatsu - that cool Oriental art where she can walk on your back and use her bare feet to get the really tough places and pinpoint key pressure points.  But I think it is her background as a yoga Instructor, Spiritual practitioner, cranial sacral healer that gives her that extra edge in healing.  She can be a gentle or tough as you need.  

Finally, I loved the question she shared with me to ask myself on an ongoing basis... "How can I feel even better through the actions I take today?"  Thanks Mary Ann.  You are so amazing.  That was perfect for me today.  

Do yourself and your stressed out body a favor and do a course of appointments with Mary Ann.  Your body and mind deserve it and will thank you.

Keith W Fail
Technical Leadership Skills Trainings
Austin, TX
Thomas N.
Great Customer Service Mary Ann's been giving me massages since she started her practice, and they keep getting better and better!  Great massage at a great price, centrally located, and great customer service.  And she offers online booking, which makes scheduling super easy.
Peggy L.
Integrative Massage Helps with Insomnia Just a note to say I really enjoyed our conversation and my massage. The massage you gave me has allowed me to sleep soundly two nights in a row. My stress level also feels much lower than usual. Thank you for enhancing my life with your friendship and magical/healing massages! Sending happiness & blessings & love your way."

Orthopedic Massage and TMJ Care

Linda F
Intraoral cranial sacral therapy The intraoral Cranial Sacral Therapy that  MaryAnn Reynolds provided for me on Tuesday transformed my jaws from clenching to relaxation and my head from throbbing to calm... I needed emergency assistance...and MaryAnn, so kindly on her day off, came over and treated me in my home a few hours before my flight outta town. Bless you, MaryAnn Angel. Together we're touching upon a thread of core issues relating to my relationship with my father, and they're living in my jaws. You're helping me access and heal them
Suzanne R

MaryAnn is just an amazing therapist.  She continues to learn new techniques to add to her skillset.  Yesterday she applied new orthopedic techniques to my injured shoulder and it helped tremendously.  Bravo, MaryAnn! 

Linda F.
Cranio Helps with TMJ Issues I've received 6 treatments from MaryAnn for my jaw issues, and she's blessed me with phenomenal results!! I used to clench my jaws for decades (for unknown reasons, probably from an injury that was never properly addressed, or perhaps it began with stress, then it habituated as a body memory). I even grew extra bone growth along my dental gum lines from the clenching pressure. I received terrible advice from multiple dentists (ask me) including dental night guards, which I bought and wore, but they didn't treat the source of the problem--chronically-tense intra-oral muscles…. Well, MaryAnn's gentle touch has been meeting my muscle-holding with her patience and curiosity, and upon her invitation, my jaws have been remembering how to relax. Thank you, Angel MaryAnn! ~ Linda F.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and Ashi-Thai

Carol T.
Ashi for Shoulders "I don't know what you did to my shoulders last time, but afterwards they were so loose it felt like my hands were dragging on the ground." 
Charla H.
Unusual Blend of Feet and Hands

"I had a great time with your tiny feet and yummy hands on my body--I loved the unusual blend and will be back for more!" 

Bernard B.
Intuition Met My Needs "I enjoyed her intuition and perception of my needs! Her ability to adjust and incorporate different strokes to better meet a particular need in my body. Thank you!"
Kam M.
Ashi-Thai Left Me Feeling Good I had a session of Ashi-Thai with Mary Ann. Even though I was a practice subject because she is still learning this form, I found the experience amazing. It felt really great. She was very sensitive to some problem areas I have as I'm recovering from knee surgery and don't have full flexion. She was able to modify  the movements so it all felt wonderful and never hurt me. And having someone walk around on you and massage you with their feet is just trippy--it's very cool. THEN, a few hours after the session, I went to my water aerobics class, and I felt extra good--much more limber, flexible, and strong than normal. I highly recommend the Ashi-Thai and Mary Ann!
Kaia P.
Ashiatsu's Deep and Responsive Pressure "Just got a great ashiatsu session from MaryAnn Reynolds in her cozy office on W. 12th Street. She was able to deliver bodywork with deep and responsive pressure, and my sore calves (hiking in vibrams anyone?) feel much looser & less painful now. Would highly recommend her bodywork as well as her deep personal knowledge of the body itself. Thanks!"