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Welcome to The Well, a bodywork and changework studio owned by MaryAnn Reynolds. Please scroll down to select services. If you wish to experience different modalities back to back, you may check multiple boxes. 

My rate is $40 for 30 minutes, $80 for 60 minutes, and $120 for 90 minutes, no tipping. Discounted massages are also available. (Scroll to the bottom.) Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted. Receipts can be emailed on request. 

Brief bio: MaryAnn Reynolds, after working in publishing and technology for years, learned Reiki and used it on a gifted healer/friend who was injured. He told her the next day, "You need to get a license to touch people." Taking that as news of a gift worth developing, she attended the nationally recognized Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in Austin. 

MaryAnn aims to be an all-around healer and teacher, able to draw on bodywork, Reiki, meditation, NLP, and yoga to spread peaceful, healthy, embodied living. 

MaryAnn is certified in Classical Craniosacral Therapy, Ashiatsu, and Ashi-Thai. She is a student in the Advanced Program at the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and will receive certification in orthopedic massage and in deep massage in 2015. She has taken basic Zero Balancing. She will continue learning craniosacral therapy, trigger point therapy, and shiatsu.

MaryAnn is a member of the Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals (ABMP) and is board certified in massage and bodywork (BCTMB). Visit her website and blog at The Well: bodymindheartspirit

MaryAnn sends an occasional newsletter to clients with announcements and special offers. Email to be added to the list. You may unsubscribe at any time.  

MaryAnn offers chair massage as well as portable table massage. Please call with your request. 

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  • Nervous System Reset: Integrative Massage and Variations

    If you like manual Swedish massage with some bells and whistles, you'll enjoy an integrative massage. These full-body sessions work profoundly on the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, energetic, and nervous systems, and include an intuitive integration of bodywork modalities such as rocking or shaking, stretches, acupressure, deep massage, trigger point release, lymphatic drainage, reflexology,  myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy. The pressure can be light, moderate, or deep where you need it most. You leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and more present in your body, with a decrease in pain and tension and an increase in mobility. 

    Variations include vigorous sports massage with stretches and percussion, prenatal/postnatal (side-lying) massage, and hot stones massage (during winter months only, on request). 

    You undress in privacy, and draping is used to cover all but the area being worked on.  
  • Back, Shoulders, Neck, Head

    If you just want bodywork on your upper body, you'll enjoy these sessions. Where do you carry tension? B/S/N/H sessions focus where you need it most: back, shoulders, neck, and/or head, using Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretches, acupressure, deep massage, craniosacral work, lymphatic drainage, and scalp and/or face massage. Great for aching low, mid, and upper backs, tight shoulders, stiff or sore necks, and tension headaches. You undress only the areas being worked on, with draping provided.
  • Heeling Foot Massage

    If you love to have your feet massaged, you'll enjoy this! Sometimes a foot massage is just what you need. No need to get undressed, and the deep relaxation affects your entire body, so you leave feeling as if you've had a full body massage. Drawing on my training in anatomy, reflexology,  trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, acupressure, stretching and more, after our session, your feet will feel refreshed and energized. 
  • Relief from TMJ Pain

    If you suffer from jaw pain, tightness, clenching, grinding, clicking, popping, etc., you'll enjoy the relief these sessions provide. For those with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues (diagnosed or not), this treatment includes an assessment of jaw range-of-motion, releasing tightness in key external and internal jaw muscles, and neck and craniosacral work. Please schedule 90 minutes for your first session; then schedule follow-ups as needed. Just three sessions often bring lasting change.  
  • Craniosacral Therapy for Enhanced Well-Being

    If you want to relax deeply, experience a more subtle form of bodywork, and feel more centered afterwards, you'll enjoy a craniosacral session. These sessions intuitively combine biomechanical and biodynamic craniosacral work to help you relax, become centered, and strengthen your innate healing capacity. In these meditation-like, gentle-touch sessions, you may experience release of tension, warmth, unwinding, and a deeper sense of being fully present and centered in your body. 
  • Sole-ful Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai Barefoot Massage

    If you like deep pressure with broad, gliding strokes, you'll love Ashiatsu! Using long, flow-y strokes performed with the whole foot, heel, or balls of the toes, Ashiatsu barefoot massage deeply refreshes your body, loosens knots, and invites spontaneous spinal adjustments. I control the pressure from light to deep. Delicious Ashi-Thai compressions and stretches included! You undress in privacy, with draping used to cover parts not being worked on. 

    Ashi-Thai standalone sessions are done with you fully clothed in loose or stretchy garments. 

  • Extreme Yin/Yang

    If you'd like to experience deep cleansing pressure followed by light, gentle, slow touch, you'll love this! It starts with you face down on the table. Holding onto overhead bars, I use my soft, clean feet and warmed oil to artfully work on your shoulder, back, gluteal, hamstring, and calf muscles, undraping one part at a time, offering deep, firm, broad strokes and working with your preferences for pressure. Ashi-Thai stretches are an option if you want them. When you turn face up, I manually encourage your neck to release its tensions, and then do slow, subtle, elegant craniosacral work on your head, fine-tuning your nervous system. We finish with a scalp massage. 
  • Discounted Bodywork

    If you like bodywork at discounted prices performed by an experienced therapist who's still learning, you'll love these sessions! The services below are discounted from my regular rates and are sometimes free or pay-what-you-wish. Watch this area for changes!
    • 30 minutes Zero Balancing $20

      Zero Balancing sessions improve energy flow and structural integrity by working with the deepest layer of the body, the bones. Sessions are done fully clothed, minus shoes, belts, or anything binding. ZB doesn't just relieve stress, it leaves you feeling transformed in your being. Clients have said that after a session, they feel lighter, taller, more poised, like a dancer, more balanced, with easy great posture. 

    • 60 minutes Shiatsu

      Shiatsu is a Japanese meridian-based form of bodywork that uses compression and stretches. You remain fully clothed and get to passively be pressed, pulled, pushed, lifted. This is free while I'm learning, and (fair warning) I may be watching a video while I work on you until I learn this fabulous, complex sequence. 

    • 90 minutes biodynamic craniosacral therapy

      During March 2015, pay what you wish! Sessions use gentle touch and lots of stillness to tune into deep healing rhythms. If you like meditation and would like to refine your somatic awareness, you'll enjoy these sessions. Done fully clothed. 



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